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DMK SA is a diversified proprietary trading and investment firm based in Warsaw Poland.

DMK specializes in trading the Central and Eastern European Emerging Markets. DMK actively trades the foreign exchange, fixed income, money markets, commodities markets and the corresponding exchange based financial instruments.
Through its 100% owned subsidiary DMK Prime Brokerage LLC, market participants both institutional and corporate, are provided access into the Central and Eastern European geography. DMK PB LLC is a Futures Commission Merchant, a Member Firm of the Warsaw Commodities Exchange S.A. (WGT S.A), and a General Clearing Member of the WGT Clearing House S.A.
Since its founding, DMK has been a pioneer in developing the exchange traded market space inside of Poland, the largest of the Eastern European economies. DMK was been a founding member of the Futures and Options Market at the Warsaw Commodities Exchange in 1999. In 2001, DMK became a market participant and broker on the spot commodity market at the WGT.
During its 12 year history, DMK has delivered reliable and consistent performance to both principal and client, in a very volatile and illiquid market space. This has allowed DMK to be the partner of choice to market participants, both institutional and corporate, that have used our services to extend their market presence into this geography.

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In 1998, two individuals with long trading histories on the world’s major futures exchanges decided to purchase a small equity stake in the Warsaw Commodities Exchange S.A. (WGT), a newly formed spot and futures exchange in Warsaw, Poland. 

In order to function on the Exchange as a member firm, DMK Sp. z o.o. (DMK LLC), a Futures Commission Merchant was founded in early 1999.  DMK’s history to date is directly tied to trading in the Central and Eastern Emerging Markets space in general, and specifically to the creation and development of the futures market on the Warsaw Commodities Exchange.


DMK sp. z ograniczana odpowiedzialnoscia
Ul. Nowy Swiat 6/12
00-400 Warsaw Poland
Tel: +48 22 661 7333
Facsimile: +48 22 661 7371
Email: dmk@dmkfutures.com
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